Green Financing on the Rise

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Kamis, 24 November 2022 20:45 WIB

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The G20 Summit successful Bali, with each the fuss it caused, is over. Amid each the vigor and airy surrounding the gathering of the world’s 20 largest economical nations, Indonesia obtained an important success: backing for the vigor modulation and environmentally affable projects.

There were a fig of commitments from the developed nations and multilateral institutions to supply backing for greenish system projects, peculiarly successful the vigor sector. These ranged from an aboriginal halt to coal-fired powerfulness plants to the improvement of electrical vehicles.

One salient backing committedness from the G20 Summit was the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP). Funding totaling US$20 billion, oregon astir Rp311 trillion, was projected by nations and fiscal institutions wrong the International Partners Group specified arsenic the United States, Japan, Canada and a fig of members of the European Union. This backing was dispersed implicit 2 schemes: loans and grants with the details to beryllium clarified implicit the adjacent six months. The JETP backing is to beryllium utilized for, among different things, the improvement of renewable energy.

A likewise sized committedness was made by the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank done the Climate Investment Funds totaling US$4 billion. One task that volition usage this wealth is the aboriginal status of the Cirebon-1 steam powerfulness plant.

Besides the commitments from the G20, Indonesia besides has an accidental to person backing from overseas banks specified arsenic Citibank, HSBC, and DBS specifically for projects supporting the 2060 zero-emissions target.

Compared to their COP27 clime acme successful Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, which did not nutrient immoderate backing to offset clime alteration damage, the G20 was acold up successful presumption of existent commitments for vigor modulation funding. Like South Africa past year, Indonesia received acold much definitive backing commitments than different processing countries inactive waiting for factual backing from the United Nations.

In this Economic Outlook 2023 peculiar edition, we study connected greenish financing successful Indonesia. Can we instrumentality vantage of this aureate accidental to mitigate clime alteration successful a much progressive mode portion inactive increasing the economy? Enjoy the magazine.

Fery Firmansyah

Main Editor

Green Financing connected the Rise

Green financing tin beryllium dazzling. Schemes from developed countries and multinational institutions could airs a trap to Indonesia successful the future. How were they negotiated?

Lula’s Plea from the Red Sea

The COP27 league was extended by 2 days. What were the astir important greenish backing projects from the clime conference?

The Green Credit Banking Initiative

Finance institutions are prepared to wage retired greenish loans. What signifier volition they take? 

PLN Prepares the Early Retirement for the Cirebon-1 Power Plant

The Cirebon-1 Coal Power Plant is to beryllium retired early. Where volition the backing travel from?

 The Environment Management Agency Becomes Pioneer successful Funding Environmental Sectors

The Environmental Fund Management Agency volition negociate the greenish funds. What techniques volition it use?

Green Financing for Industries and Vehicle Credits Remains Low

One of the cornerstones of greenish backing is the improvement of an electrical conveyance ecosystem. Where volition the backing travel from?

Deputy SOEs Minister: We Are Expediting Early Retirement of Coal Power Plants

In bid to get important funding, the authorities is prepared to adjacent coal-fired powerfulness stations. What are the obstacles?


Opposing Currents of the Indonesian Economy

The Indonesian system is successful a contradictory position: the existent assemblage is positive, but the fiscal markets are negative. Why?


Controversial Criminal Codes Continue

The authorities keeps arguable articles successful the Criminal Code (KUHP) draught aft being disseminated to the wide public. This is simply a menace to democracy.


The Negotiation for the Bali G20 Summit Declaration

Negotiations were cautiously choky during the treatment of the draught declaration of the G20 authorities heads. The prime of words became taxable to a straining scrutiny.

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