Clean Energy; ESDM Ministry to Distribute 680,000 Rice Cookers

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25 November 2022 16:17 WIB

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry planned to administer 680,000 units of electrical atom cookers successful bid to enactment the usage of clean energy. The programme was expected to summation energy depletion per capita oregon e-cooking and prevention cooking costs.

"Rice cookers volition beryllium fixed to the beneficiary families oregon KPM. The KPM information will, of course, notation to the Social Affairs Ministry's data," said ESDM Ministry's authoritative Edi Pratikno successful a virtual nationalist treatment connected Friday, November 25, 2022.

Edi explained that the electrical atom cooker volition beryllium distributed passim Indonesia utilizing the authorities fund successful 2023. The authorities provides a bundle of Rp 500,000 for each KPM. According to him, beneficiaries of the programme bash not request to summation their house’s power.

The programme is targeted astatine households with 450 VA oregon 900 VA powerfulness supplies, which according to the state-owned energy institution PLN, inactive trust connected state stoves to navigator rice. Target households whitethorn assertion the assistance aft administrative validation from the colony head.

Electric Rice Cooker More Efficient

Edi explained that the outgo of cooking atom with an electrical cooker is much businesslike compared to a state stove. Cooking atom utilizing a state stove volition devour 2.4 kg of LPG monthly, which equals to Rp 16,800.

Meanwhile, the monthly vigor depletion for cooking atom utilizing an electrical atom cooker is lone 5.25 kWh, and 19.80 kWh successful atom warming mode. Consequently, the outgo of cooking atom tin beryllium reduced to Rp 10,396 per month, which saves Rp 6,404 per month.

Additionally, the ESDM Ministry predicted that the conversion volition make a imaginable payment of up to Rp 680,000 per household successful 2023. The authorities tin besides prevention state subsidies up to Rp 52.2 cardinal of the full procurement of Rp 340 billion. In addition, the conversion is predicted to trim LPG measurement by 19,600 tons and prevention US$26.88 cardinal successful overseas speech reserves.


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